Lady Bird press shot.jpg


Lady Bird are: Don Rennols, Joe Walker and Alex Deadman. Formed in Tunbridge Wells in 2016, these guys make aggressive, intelligent post-punk with Rennols as its narrator. The band mix up aggressive, riff heavy rock with a sophisticated literary vibe as singer Don spits tales of suburban disquiet and everyday life.

"One of the reasons we play as a band is to try and propagate certain messages," he explains. "So, escaping vicious cycles is the basic theme of Social Potions [their debut EP] inspired by an amazing chap called Josei Toda who came up with a concept in the 1940s called Human Revolution. 

"It's meaning is if you change something deep within your heart it will be reflected in your environment and the people around you and will subtly create change in the world."

Social Potions, the debut EP from Lady Bird, is out now via Girl Fight Records.